Indie, Bedroom Pop

The final of the four 2020 EPs is "Windowsill", which is more akin to my earlier bedroom pop-ish releases (which is why it's released under the name "Brixton Typewriter"). Technically I wanted to retire the name "Brixton Typewriter" afer "Mute" (2018), but then I released the Halloween EP, and then this-- but I swear, it's done now, I promise. I still enjoy writing music like this, but I as I kept wanting to do more and kept raising my own standards, I wanted to move away from my early stuff which I cringe at now.

There's not too much to discuss with these, unfortunately. All the titles are pretty self explanatory. I will say, I briefly tried getting into streaming on twitch around this Time and writing music on stream, which is where most of Walking Home was written and recorded, but maybe two people tuned in and I hate streamer culture, so I quit that pretty quick. The song stuck, though.

I'm a big fan of School's Out. I dunno, it just feels summery. I like it. A lot of this album feels summery. "Lullaby" is probably the oddball out, but I liked it and didn't think it fit on anything else, so I tacked it on here as a little epilogue.

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